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Going back to school is an exciting time, but it comes with a lot of stress too. Don’t let computer security and data loss add to the things you already need to deal with. Instead, let Bullguard’s premium suite of online protection tools keep your data safe and secure. And with Bullguard’s special back to school offer you can keep your data safe and secure for even less money!

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What Is Bullguard?

Bullguard is a suite of data and online security tools that can protect you from hacking, spyware, data loss and much more. However, Bullguard isn’t just another anti virus software. In fact, Bullguard is one of the industry’s leading online protection services. Their products were recently awarded best by and best in test by leading consumer organizations in the UK and across Europe!

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Protection From Viruses and Malware


Viruses and malware can damage your PC or laptop, slow you down, cause lost data, instigate security breaches and much more! When you’re focused on school, you don’t want to worry about your computer getting a virus. Thankfully Bullguard offers some of the most powerful virus and malware protection around, and it’s so easy to install and use, too.

Keep Your Identity and Information Safe


The minute you start sharing information online through website logins and purchases, you’re at risk of data breaches or even identity theft. With Bullguard, you don’t have to worry about those things any more. Simply create an online account and you can list all of the private information you need to keep safe. Bullguard will alert you the moment there’s an issue, helping you keep your identity safe.

Browse Safely


Whether you’re cramming for your next paper, shopping for schools supplies, or keeping up with your social life, chances are you’re going to be online a lot this term. With Bullguard, you can browse the web in peace. High-level security protection keeps you safe online by monitoring the websites you visit and alerting you to any potential problems. Bullguard’s in-browser technology keeps an eye on you online and immediately checks out links to keep you safe from harmful content.

Keep Important Documents Safe And Secure

Data loss can put your schoolwork behind and send your stress levels soaring. With Bullguard, you don’t need to worry about data loss again. You can back up your important information, essays, and much more using Bullguard’s watertight backup system. No more worrying about lost information – Bullguard has your back.

Stay Safe On The Go

You’re not going to be sitting at a desk or hanging out in the library all the time. The internet is mobile these days – and so is Bullguard. Chances are your phone is packed with information you wouldn’t want lost – or shared. Bullguard’s mobile protection suite will keep your phone safe from malware, so you can use it in peace. In addition, Bullguard’s anti-theft technology makes sure that if your phone is lost or stolen, you can lock it down or even wipe it at once. You won’t have to worry about your data being seen by thiefs and hackers. With Bullguard your phone is safe and sound, even if it’s not in your hands.

Take Advantage Of Bullguard’s Back To School Offer


Bullguard know that when it’s time to go back to school, it’s time to think computer security. From homework to class notes to online supply shopping, you need your computer or laptop to be safe and secure. That’s why they’re currently running a special offer that you won’t want to miss. If you buy now you can save 40% on Bullguard Antivirus, 60% on Bullguard Internet Security, or a whopping 70% on Bullguard Premium protection!

Forget your computer worries and focus on getting back to school this fall with Bullguard. With their range of products your data and computer will stay safe and secure, and if you buy now you’ll enjoy over half off

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